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Welcome to Clarity Counselling Gosford 

Clarity Counselling offers on-going support and guidance during difficult times. Now is the time to try something different!

Clarity is about being able to see things more clearly - sometimes we cannot do that on our own, and those around us can't help.

Seeing a Professional Counsellor can allow a new journey to begin in looking at all the options and making a different choice.

If you would benefit from talking to a Counsellor in complete confidentiality and with no judgement, give us a call 0419433318.

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  Our Services Include

We provide counselling in the following areas:

  • Relationship & Marriage
  • Separation & Divorce
  • Grief & Loss
  • Depression – Postnatal, Men & Depression
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Family Issues
  • Disruptive Children
  • Same sex couples

We are happy to discuss any problems that you may have. Please feel free to call or use the contact form below, for more information.


"Speaking to a Counsellor with experience in Counselling and Life means a lot for those struggling with overwhelming issues".

Sharon Bonello has been counselling since 2005 and has become a trusted and caring Counsellor in the area - respected for her experience and dedication in helping people who are going through difficult times.

The highest compliment being referrals from her clients, who are happy to refer their family, friends and peers for assistance  in times of trouble.  Along with fellow Counsellors, GP's and other Health Care Professionals across the board.

It is important to feel comfortable when sharing your innermost thoughts and experiences with someone and Sharon is that person - a Professional Counsellor with compassion, empathy and understanding, providing a safe environment.

You can give her a call to see if she is the one for you.


Ongoing training and Supervision allows Sharon to continue being 'the best she can be", for her clients.

Sharon is a Graduate Member of A.I.P.C.A. and A.C.A.

Relationships & Marriage

Couple counselling can assist in recognising problems and working towards a solution, working with both parties individually and together.

It is important that the couple acknowledge that there have been changes during the marriage, i.e.; children, mortgage, responsibilities and financial stress, and therefore neither party is the same person, that they were when they first met. Accepting how things are now and working together to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

Assisting in discovering how the couple would like their marriage to be and what their goals and aspirations are for the future.

• Are they wanting the same things? • Have they travelled different paths and now have individual needs?

• Can these be fulfilled and the marriage continue?

Working through any issues that are causing a breakdown of communication and helping the couple to head in the same direction.

Encouraging the relationship to grow as a couple, whilst keeping their individuality, and still moving forward.

It is essential that we first love ourselves before we are capable of loving someone else and this can be something that requires some work individually, clearing out baggage from the past.

Changing our thoughts from a negative point of view to a positive one and recognising what is good about someone and not just focusing on the bad things.

If you would like to make an appointment please call to speak to a Professional Counsellor, Sharon Bonello (Dip. Prof. Couns.) call 0419433318. 

Separation & Divorce

Making the decision to separate or divorce is hard enough; coping with what is to follow can be even harder. Talking to someone impartial and in confidence can be very helpful, when all around you, people are offering advice and their own horror stories.

Once the decision has been made regarding a separation or divorce, the hard work begins and it’s time to move on.

Adjusting to life without a partner and still trying to deal with day to day life at work. Or... attending to daily life with the children by yourself, or facing life without the children. Getting used to the quiet and excess time; can be just as upsetting and difficult.

All of this can be very overwhelming and listening to conflicting advice from friends and family can make it even more confusing.

CLARITY COUNSELLING offers a service of consistent and reliable support and guidance. It is also helpful to work through the reasons why and what went wrong, so that no baggage goes with you into any future relationship.

A trusting and continuous relationship with your counsellor can help to give you the confidence and strength to move forward.

Working through: What went wrong? • Who am I? • Will I ever find love again? • How will I cope?

These are just some of the areas that counselling can help with.

If you know someone who may benefit from this kind of help, pass on these details. Seeking counselling could be the beginning of a new chapter in your life, with the knowledge and help that you can do it.


People who are suffering with depression can find it difficult to function each day. It can affect both the physical and mental health of a person. For some, depression can take over their lives and affect every member of the family. For others, it can go unnoticed and become something that is held within. That person will continue with daily life, but with a huge burden on their shoulders.

If you know someone who suffers with long periods of sadness and hopelessness, or is tearful and not their usual self, it is important they talk to a professional. Depression is a common disorder; the risk is twice as high for women, as it is for men. It can produce great suffering and disability and if left can cause other related problems. 

Men and Depression

Depression is being recognised in men more often, although a man may live in denial of this for a long time, before actually doing something constructive to help. It is a strength to ask for help and understand that you need some assistance, not a weakness. Carrying the world on your shoulders can only be done for so long and then something has to give. Why not stop a few smaller issues becoming a crisis, or causing the breakdown of a marriage and splitting the family. Get help now!!

Post Natal Depression

There is an estimation that more than half of all Mother’s can be affected by post-natal depression. Unfortunately one of the reasons Mum’s do not ask for help is; they are afraid of appearing ‘mentally ill’ or incompetent of looking after their child. Another reason is; they know something is wrong, but they are not sure what it is. ‘Baby Blues’ are to be expected for up to 2 weeks after the birth, if symptoms last further than that, intervention is necessary. Indeed in some cases Post Natal depression can occur gradually up to 2 years later.

This can be a difficult time for the husband too, not knowing whether to ask for help, or to continue coping and hope that everything will improve.This is something that can be helped with on-going support and guidance by a non-judgemental listener, who can help in re-building confidence and take away the feelings of inadequacy and resentment, which can lead to an estrangement with the newborn.

Grief & Loss

Grief and Loss counselling is available for many issues - The loss of a loved one (pets included), a job, a home or dealing with an elderly relative who is not the same person due to a terminal illness or Alzheimer’s/ Senile Dementia. The feeling of loss of that relationship is very real.

Grief and loss counselling is about reflection, acceptance and moving on. This is not always easy to do when everyone around you is going through the same thing. Talking to a professional who is not emotionally involved can be very helpful. Grief counselling includes listening to the client’s story as many times as they need to share it, hearing the memories and assisting in the many emotions that surrounds the death of a loved one. Helping them recognise that they are able to deal with all the things that their partner had always sorted out; and building confidence in continuing with work, family and friendship commitments.

Loss is also experienced after losing a limb or suffering a severe illness or injury, resulting in having to learn a whole new way of life. If, in the case of the loss being something of their own; i.e. loss of a limb, sight, mobility, etc; then it is about coming to terms with what has happened, acceptance, dealing with any anger or resentment and learning how to move forward.

A caring and empathic counsellor will help to assist the client to grieve, work through their emotions and encourage moving on into the future with a new outlook and positivity.

Caring for others who are going through this process can be very tiring and stressful, especially when you are unable to go through the grieving process yourself.


Counselling can help to alleviate stress and anxiety by discovering the cause/s, working through them and learning relaxation techniques to help at difficult times.

People with stress and anxiety do not always know the real reason for it, counselling can help you recognize the cause for these feelings and help to guide you through the myriad of issues.

Helping to find relaxation techniques that are suitable for you, as not everyone is able to meditate in the same way.

Techniques such as deep breathing, visualization and relaxation can be beneficial to everyone at some time or another.

Discovering ways to help you through the most stressful times you have to endure whilst sorting out problems. Learning the warning signs of your stress taking over and replacing your normal behavior, with a more helpful one.

It is always better to recognize when things are getting too much to handle and do something about it, rather than allowing it take hold of your life and lead you into a direction that is not helpful to you or those around you

Children Issues

Is your whole family disrupted, due to the behaviour of one member?

Having a disruptive child in the family can affect the whole household. Whether there are sleeping issues, behavioural problems or sibling rivalry. All of these things and more can cause havoc with the day to day running of a home.

Counselling can be beneficial to the parents who may be struggling with guilt over their parental skills and wondering how to get some balance back into their lives.

In a lot of circumstances the child may be battling with a lack of confidence and self-esteem, or issues with peer pressure and school bullying. ?In many cases there is no one reason for this kind of behaviour.

Counselling can also be helpful to the child who may not actually realise the stress and anxiety they are causing, when to them, they are just behaving as normal, and don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Sleep Talk is a therapy that was founded by Joanne Golding, it can help to empower your child to achieve self-confidence and inner strength. By reprogramming the way we interpret events around us, both through conscious and unconscious techniques. The power of the spoken word, presented in an appropriate format, ensures that the child internalises and appropriates desirable and effective beliefs about their place in the world.

The beauty of the Sleep Talk process is its simplicity, both in content and delivery. With help from the book and a little training on how to deliver the suitable statements and specific wording, a positive belief system can help your child to possess a better range of coping strategies and new positive thoughts, promoting ingrained habits that instigate non-conscious life-long changes in behaviour. For more information regarding this, please go to the website

Family Issues

Counselling is available for family issues, which may include; young children with difficulties or teenagers and the problems that can arise, sibling rivalry and much more. It may also be helpful when there are elderly parents needing more and more attention and time is tight. Or just being able to hold everything together in the daily running of the home.

Counselling can be helpful to someone who is enduring difficult times in the home, whether it be related to children; young children, teenagers or looking after elderly relations.

Having young children at home and still having to take other children to and from school, whilst running the home, can be difficult. This, and other problems combined can cause stress and anxiety. Counselling can help put these things into perspective and help you to deal with the stresses, learning relaxation techniques can also help.

Teenagers can cause some anxiety, wanting to stay out late with friends and coping with peer pressure, a parent’s nightmare. Counselling can assist in finding a happy medium with dealing with these issues and knowing that you are not the only one.

People caring for the elderly or infirm often need support and care themselves, but refuse to ask and just keep going. This can sometimes cause ‘burnout’, and if this happens it is not helpful to anyone. As the carer suddenly will become the one who needs caring for. It is important that the carer has the opportunity to let off some steam and release some of their own issues with a non-judgemental counsellor.

Financial issues can also become a problem from time to time and this may only add to whatever else is going on in the home.

Counselling can help with coping and finding ways to assist with problems that there seems no answer for.

Exams, job hunting and making decisions can all be very stressful and talking to a non-judgemental counsellor can be beneficial in many ways.

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